David was appointed a Notary in 1979 and is one of Ireland's highly regarded Notaries.

David was the Registrar of the Faculty of Notaries Public in Ireland from 2009 to November 2020.

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October 2021

Seeing A Notary

Make An Appointment
Email me in advance to check availability.  I will at the very outset furnish you with detailed preliminary information, estimate fees, and advise generally as regards GDPR, Apostille, money laundering, the role of the Notary and other matters.

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Proof of Identity
Notarising a document today requires the same anti-terrorism and anti-money laundering formalities as apply on opening a new bank account. The rules are very strict. You must satisfactorily prove your identity and place of residence and the Notary must keep the identification records for five years.

Passport and utility bill (or similar) always needed.

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Apostille and Legalisation

The Apostille is a process whereby a nation state authenticates its Notaries Public / other public officials in a way that documents authenticated by such Notaries Public / other public officials can

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then be relied upon in other nation states.  I authenticate your signature / document and then the Department of Foreign Affairs authenticates me.

The Apostille procedure applies as between all those many countries that have signed up to the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961. Ireland signed up in 1999. About two-thirds of all the other countries in the world have also done so, and these are listed in alphabetical order and may easily be checked on

the Hague Convention website

In the last century as between all countries, but nowadays only with those few countries not yet signed up to the Apostille system, the traditional slow / costly / bothersome system called “Legalisation” was / is still in play.  Legalisation involves the Supreme Court Office, DFA, target country embassy (if there is one in Ireland), but if not then the British Foreign Office / target country embassy over there.  Keep your fingers crossed and check the Apostille list.

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Complete the Documents
Fill in all the gaps in the documentation to the best of your ability beforehand. If you are unsure and need guidance, I may be able to help you. Particularly during Covid, we will strive to keep our meeting as brief as possible. Have the document translated and/or explained to you by someone you trust before you see any Notary

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Foreign Language Documents
I will usually require you to acknowledge formally in writing in a standard format that you understand the document in (or partly in) the foreign language. Have the document translated and/or explained to you by someone you trust before you come to see me.

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Do not e-mail documents to me in advance of your appointment, unless / until, which is actually quite likely, I specifically ask you to do so. If then I want to address a specific aspect of matters which it is anticipated may cause subsequent difficulty, I can address the matter at that stage.

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Power of Attorney

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Power of Attorney is a document signed by one person (usually called the ‘donor’) giving another person (usually called the ‘donee‘ or the ‘attorney‘) power to sign documents on the donor’s behalf and to do such things in relation to his or her affairs as are described specifically (a limited power) or generally (a general power) in the document.

Powers of Attorney are particularly useful instruments, but whereas it is most important you understand absolutely any document you sign, this is particularly so with Powers of Attorney .

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